The best part of “The Lucky One”…

…Was when Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” started playing during the ending credits. I think this song could make any bad movie at least slightly better.

There were some good parts to the movie, of course. I mean, it’s never a chore to look at a pretty boy like Zac Efron but that’s all he was in the movie – a pretty boy. Trying to act like a marine. It just didn’t work for me, Karen, or Jen who all braved the movie with me. And Taylor Schilling’s horrible dress at the end of the movie: C’mon, costume designer – you’re not supposed to age her! She already looked 10 years older than Efron (who is 19 until he turns 45), why age her even more with that awful granny frock?

Some things I did like about the movie: shirtless Efron scenes, the clever chess scenes, Blythe Danner, and Ben played by Riley Thomas Stewart, the last being my favorite of all. What a great child actor – his acting was natural and effortless, and he’s only 10! Without those elements, the movie would have been hard to sit through.

In any case, thanks to Jen for hooking it up with the reserved seats! It’s hard to say no to a free screening, and it’s always fun to go with some girlfriends who enjoy looking at Efron as much as I do.


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