David Ryan Harris at Hotel Cafe

Saw my boy at Hotel Cafe, which, it turns out, was my second first time at the venue. For months and months, I’d sworn I’d never been but upon arriving last night, I realized that I had been there once before with Franky to watch Jennifer Chung sometime last year. DJD moment, for sure – even Darwin knew I’d been there before. DJD.

Anyway, DRH’s set was super mellow and subdued. His humor was surprisingly witty and sarcastic, just my type of humor. But just as I suspected, his voice was as caramel live as it is on his albums. He opened with a beautiful reminiscence of his mom, “Still Be Loving You,” just his guitar and that beautiful voice of his. My favorite song of the night was “Sweetest Berry” – what an engaging, extremely sexy song; I got huge goosebumps hearing it live and in the flesh.

We didn’t get enough, so we’re going again on Wednesday for his 3rd performance in residence. I’m crossing my fingers for live renditions of “Prettygirl” and “For You”.

Thanks, Darwin, for introducing me to DRH and for taking me to the Cafe for my second first time! And we matched – how cute.

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