Follow-up: Hester Street Fair LA

It wasn’t quite a street fair like it was advertised. It was a fair in the Pantages parking lot on Hollywood and Argyle.

Location aside, I scouted for macarons to no avail, but at least there were a few apparel and home vendors.

Rojas had cute tops and I couldn’t resist snatching one of their denim bustier tops. I’m definitely wearing it in San Diego this weekend, it’s ready-made for summertime and for my birthday!

Deuvo makes amazing confections, specializing in praline delights. I usually take samples from vendors with no intention of buying, but I got to talking with the very sweet owner and what I assume was her son – and their mellow demeanor and humility were selling points in themselves. I bought a $5 package – 3 pieces of sea salt praline, their big hit, and a sample of caramel praline. Yummy.

The name escapes me, of course, but there was this great woodworker who had unique jewelry chests, cutting boards, swords and shields (for play, of course). One particular cutting board was strikingly beautiful where he combined all sorts of wood to make a colorful board. I’m sure that’s a common thing to do, but it was simply designed and expertly executed.

Overall, the fair has lots of potential and lots of room to grow. The vendor selection was awesome, but to be frank, the location sucked. In a parking lot in Hollywood? Let’s shoot for an actual street fair, yes?


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