Legaci at apl.de.ap Takes You to the Philippines, Hollywood Bowl

Highly produced shows hide true talent – or lack thereof. The latter is usually the case.

But Legaci, you have talent. I knew it the moment I listened to your renditions of Boyz II Men’s “Water Runs Dry” and IYAZ’s “Replay” back in ’09. I’ve listened to you since then, and I didn’t even like the original “Replay” until you covered it.

Somehow, though, I’ve only seen you live once and that was last night at the Hollywood Bowl. And I have to say – it wasn’t the Legaci I know. To be frank, I was disappointed. Your raw talent was extremely overshadowed by the overdone production.

You guys do not need high production. All you need is a microphone, like in your YouTube videos, and you’re all set. The entertainment is in your voices and sweet harmonies. Keep it basic, which is what folks like myself really miss in live shows.

Keep it basic, like this (skip to 0:36 for the song):

And you’ll melt my heart over and over, like you have for years now.

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