Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

In celebration of Eden’s high school graduation and getting into college (CSULB, get ready for her!), a couple of us Danganan’s  spent the entire day at Disneyland with the Zafra’s, and later we split so the Danganan’s could go to California Adventure. Jerrel (aka Jeboy) came with us and seeing the park through his eyes was the best time I ever had. I still would’ve had a great time without doing that but I really enjoyed remembering how a kid experiences the happiest place on earth.

My all-time favorite ride of the day was Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land at California Adventure. First of all, Disney made Radiator Springs come to life with amazing environs and detail – felt like we were in Colorado!

Anyway, at one point during the long 3-hour wait (!!), I asked Jeboy what color race car he wanted – he wanted yellow. But he and I watched the cars passing by (eventually making games out of it, like what color car do we think would come next which elicited huge, uninhibited laughter from Jeboy – he’s so easily entertained) and I realized that there were only 3 yellow cars out of how many. The odds of us getting a yellow car didn’t seem very good.

But when it was finally our turn, we realized that Jeboy got his wish! He literally lit up the dark sky with his huge smile – I can’t remember the last time I was that elated to see a yellow car! It was the best moment of the night, and it made the 3 hour-long wait so worth it.

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