Style files: FWAlumber Vegas Trip 2012

Made a trip to Vegas with my college buddies this past weekend, and let me tell you how stylish and sexy a group we are. Aside from all the laughter and the smiles and the (ah-hem) sober fun, I often had to stop and appreciate how good we all look in our mid-twenties. We’re aging so well!

Here are some styles I really loved this weekend (in no particular order).

1. Red Lips

Red lipsI go crazy for brown women who are comfortable enough to wear bright, in-your-face red lipstick. I was personally hesitant to do it because I thought my skin was just too dark. But after I tried it once, I got hooked. I mean, it makes for great contrast against the caramel to dark chocolate tones, highlighting our beautiful tan skin. Additionally, it completes a fierce outfit, or easily fiercifies a simple one.

Emily and Nicole definitely pulled it off well and wore it with easy confidence. Love these beautiful girls – look how sexy they are! To my single male readers (I know I have at least a few?), they single. Holla.

2. The Blue Dress

the blue dress

back of blue dressBlack and red dresses are so yesterday. Blue – so in! Okay, the former isn’t entirely true, but a blue dress can be just as classy. Especially when you pair it with lace, adding a classic yet sexy touch. I failed to ask where Lorali got my favorite dress of the entire weekend, but you know what – who cares? It’s not where you got or the brand that claims the neck tag – it’s how you wear it. And oooh wee! Lorali wore it just perfectly. I’m gonna borrow it one day, k?

3. The multi-functional dress

Okay, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I really loved the dress Kate found for me for the trip. Bliss on Melrose had both of us drooling over this dress through the window and I knew I had to get it.

Cinched at the waist with a gold belt, asymmetry off the right shoulder and a sleeve draped off the other, it’s the perfect transitional dress. I could wear it at a Vegas club or a semi-formal work function. I hardly ever buy pieces that I’ll only use once, and this was definitely a great buy.

4. A great smile never goes out of style

smileMichael Jordan impressed me the entire weekend with his wardrobe. I gave him at least 5 compliments a day, isolating each of his pieces and loving each of them, both as part of an ensemble and as an individual piece.

But the one thing that stayed consistent was obviously that smile of his. Look at that face! How can you resist but smile back like a fool?

What a great touch to all your outfits, Mike! Keep smilin’ – frowns don’t look good on you.

5. Pinos (and George) at the pool
I mean, how can you resist these beautiful people, especially poolside?

Ooh, and look at Frances’s bathing suit (the one right in front of the tree, with the strapless suit)! I should’ve taken a solo of her posing adorably as she does but the next time I go poolside with her, I won’t forget. Target, baby!

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