It’s been a little more than a week since my sister got married, and I’m officially having withdrawals from the high-stress and high-energy weeks leading up to it. My body has slowly been recovering via deep, deep sleep, mid-day naps, and zoning out with SimCity, but my mind somehow misses the mental stress of running around and helping coordinate and putting together last-minute favor bags and brainstorming how to fix a ruined batch of bridesmaids bouquets an hour before the ceremony. But I went through all that mental stress with a fun group of women, and they made it all worth it.

To the awesome bridesmaids of the Miragliotta wedding – Yvette, Maye, Angela, Janina, and the maid of honor Jimlyn – I love you all! We helped make Jenny and Dave’s day so amazingly special, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without you! And all the credit for creative vision goes to Jenny herself – all the decorations you see in the photos and video were her brainchildren: the pom poms, the pinwheels, the hair, the makeup, the flower arrangements, the adorable cake topper she made with Dave… If you need some weddings ideas, you should give her a call!

Video credit: GreyLight Studios

Photo credit: Lost Art Photography

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