I challenge the Academy to award Best Picture to the one foreign film nominated this year – Amour, directed by Michael Haneke. The acting is superb, the subject matter brutally honest and uncomfortable, and the dialogue so real. While I haven’t seen all 2013 nominees for Best Picture, I doubt any will move me as much as the story of George and Ann has.

Ann, played eerily well by Emanuelle Riva (who is rightfully nominated this year for best actress, the oldest in the Academy’s history), suffers a stroke. Her husband George, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant (also a great performance and a real oversight by the Academy), brings her to the doctor despite her refusal for medical care. With her deteriorating health, George becomes her main caregiver, all through another stroke and through his  immense struggle to decide what she really needs.

I challenge the Academy to award Best Picture to a film without big explosions, without lavish movie sets (in fact, it’s almost entirely shot in the couple’s French flat), or without beautiful bombshells or hunky macho men. To one with major heart and true dialogue about living and dying.

Thanks to J-Dawg for the recommendation. Any credit for my awareness of the film goes completely to him.

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