Happy Valentine’s Day… to my wallet!

Without a sweetheart to spoil on this fine Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I might spoil myself with a trip to Seattle or Chicago to visit some college friends. I may eventually do that sometime this year, but after some thinking, I decided to forgo that for now and instead spoil… my wallet!

Thanks to the quick turnaround of filing my taxes with TurboTax (I filed it just last week!), I now have a little more disposable income this month. My last 2 returns were spent on travel and a spankin’ new iPhone 4S. I certainly don’t regret spending time with my dear friends in SF, DC, or NYC, or buying the best phone ever, but I do know that I could be enjoying those 2 returns, even today, if I used it to pay down at least some of my debt.

So with advice from the likes of Five Cent Nickel, I’m finally putting it to wise use. I paid off the rest of my balance on one credit card and reached my first milestone in saving for an emergency fund. Now, I can use my credit card like it’s supposed to be used and take full advantage of the rewards program. And while I still plan to save money toward my EF, reaching my goal was well worth it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Wallet. I’m happy this relationship is going really well, and it only goes up from here.


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