Seattle, the Emerald City

Before my good friend Michael Jordan (no, not the basketball player) left Seattle for good after getting his Master’s from Seattle Univ., some friends and I made sure to visit the week before he said goodbye to the Emerald City. We rented a super cheap apartment for a couple days through AirBnB (not the best stay, but we got what we paid for, as Aaron loved reminding us every now and then during the trip) in a cute neighborhood across the street from Garfield High School.

All in all, Seattle is a beautiful city – it’s immediately obvious why it’s called the Emerald City: so many trees! I so wanted to hike somewhere nice, but we didn’t plan for the very hungover morning we had when were supposed to go – whoopsies! At least we got to see some breathtaking views of the skyline… Plus, we got lucky and had sunshine almost the entire time, except the night we arrived and the morning we left – we totally brought the SoCal sun with us!

Other spots we loved: good ol’ Oprah-endorsed fried chicken from Ezell’s Famous Chicken, strawberry sour cream and salted caramel ice cream from Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, and brunch and mimosas at the Hi Spot Cafe.

I’m definitely going back to Seattle again when I have the chance. While a small city, it has much to offer the wide-eyed American tourist – great food, beautiful travel on-foot, a picturesque skyline, and lots and lots of parks.

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