About Joanne

Why “Alice, Je T’Aime?”

On one of the last days I spent in Paris while studying abroad, I noticed something I hadn’t before near my neighborhood metro station. Someone had spray painted a simple decal that said “alice je t’aime” in multiple places on the sidewalk, and it got me wondering what that person’s motive was: Is it someone so crazy in love, declaring it to the world? Is it a desperate lover trying to get attention? Could it just be a French band, so any romanticism I just thought of is silly?

I took photos of a few of the decals, one of which became one of my favorite shots from the trip, and certainly one of my favorites from my entire portfolio:5573118913_9b22ee54ae_b2.jpg

Way through all the grit and grimness of the canvas so to speak, “alice je t’aime” looks to be a representation of hope and naivete that is exactly what compelled me to photograph the decal. With the paint (or blood?!) splattering on the speckled wall, the stains on the floor, and the cigarette bud, “alice je t’aime” provides a welcome respite.

Okay, so about Joanne

I’m a 20-something with too many interests, goals, aspirations, thoughts and queries – who doesn’t? So, this is where I organize them: to relieve my overactive brain, leaving room for more interests, goals, etc. I would otherwise forget.

I’m a lover of dogs, photography, the outdoors, cute wedges, bright colors, romance novels, thoughtful fashion, love stories, shredding my (paid) bills, my Nikon FM2 (RIP), and travel… Anyway, just read my blog and you’ll get it.

I dedicate my blog to my Grandma Feliza, to whom I owe my insatiable curiosity, blessing me with a hunger for all things humorous, quirky, beautiful, and intriguing.


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