Dwell on Design Conference at LA Convention Center

Thanks to a tip from a good friend, Miriam, I attended the Dwell on Design conference at the LA Convention Center this weekend. It was open to the public, so there was no need to be in the design trade.

Attending conferences is obviously a great way to stay informed about trends in any industry, but design conferences are the most fun, I think – I get to imagine what I would buy if I had my own house to furnish!

These are only a portion of what would furnish my future home, but check out Dwell on Design‘s website for a full list of exhibitors.


Tina Tarnoff – Autumn Kiss

Each time I wear this piece, Autumn Kiss, I get tons of compliments but I must defer all of them to Tina Tarnoff, one of my favorite Etsy shopowners to date! She specializes in papercut art, “an ancient yet modern art form that is generating a good deal of attention among art lovers, designers, and interior decorators.” I encourage you to check out her Etsy shop – it’s a great place to find timeless, romantic interior design pieces, jewelry, prints and can’t-go-wrong gifts for your home, your neck, your girlfriend, your mom. If I were to ever own a boutique or consignment shop, she’d be the first I’d seek out to represent – I just love her work and wearing it has proven that tons of other people love it too.