A love letter to my Nikon

Dearest Nikon FM 2191166,

You’ve been so good to me. First, you waited patiently while I scoured eBay for a good deal for the perfect 50mm lens. You then hung patiently from my neck for hours at a time while I learned analog photography on my own, letting me release the shutter to my heart’s content. As my sendoff from UCLA in August 2010, you made the journey with me over the Atlantic to the most romantic city in the world – Paris. You explored the beautiful city with me as a naive student of photography, literally providing a lens through which I’ve been able to reminisce of my solitary walks along the Seine during the day and enjoying drinks with friends at night in the same (but less smelly) spots; the people-watching at tiny cafes along the street; the farmers’ markets in many of the different arondissements and the flea markets on the outskirts of the city.

You were my first, and I will always remember the great photos you’ve given me – of the Eiffel Tower, of the bridges over the Seine, of Notre Dame, of the Parisian streets…  You captured so much for me, and I’m so grateful.

But I must let you go. You’ve been collecting dust on my bookshelf, but I’m confident you’ll find someone who will use you so much more than I’ve been able to.

Smile for me, Nikon, this one last time.

Thanks for all the memories,