Summer in Paris Series, 2010
Kodak Tri-X 400, Nikon


On Paris and being a foreign student

im currently reminiscing about my summer in paris, as i often do. my bus rides home especially evoke memories traveling through the city’s subways. i encounter a lot of foreign exchange students doing exactly the same thing i was 2 summers ago, exploring the foreign city or going home after class after having become familiar with the public transit.

its intriguing thinking back to how anonymous i felt roaming around the city knowing only a few french phrases, just barely enough to get me by. just enough to find me a french person hanging around who spoke english, which wasn’t hard in the first place. its also intriguing to think that while my footprint on paris was obsolete, absolutely forgettable, and insignificant- paris will always have a lasting footprint on me.

miss you, city of light. be back soon.