Alamo Square #1

Winter in San Francisco, 2012
Fuji Pro 400, Nikon


Vacay in the Bay

currently reminiscing about my recent vacay – such a great time with great friends, food, and great nights out. and what better way to spend the valentine’s week in a city that i absolutely adore – san francisco!

so glad i got to visit my pregnant roommates (congratulations, again, roommies on the new addition! he’s beautiful!), stay with my favorite parents besides my own- the rimandos, patronize the bart at least 100 times, drink good wine with the one and only kat-eh… and in general celebrate life with my dear friends.

this photo set is dedicated to both the “mandatory” and boiling crab crews with whom i spent 2 great nights and with whom i ate amazing food – joe, jg and her bf brian, gbabes/bday girl, nathaniel whose handwriting (“mandatory”) apparently improves with the use of ketchup, and baby jeez who is so wrong in assuming that i love him. food, friends, and a great city as the backdrop – all i need in life.

love you, sf. be back soon.