Street fashion is one of my favorite things to observe and admire from afar, but I’ve never had the guts to randomly ask a stranger if I could photograph them and their awesome outfit to feature on my blog. On my way home today, I could no longer suppress that urge and finally bit the bullet. I was overwhelmed by Terin’s entire outfit and the confident strides he took in it, so I just went for it without thinking.

My favorite thing about his outfit: all thrifted for less than $100 (excluding the glasses and messenger bag). We shared mad mutual love for it. I love folks who take pride in thrifting – not only is it the best way to shop for gold mines, rarities, or just good ol’ statement pieces, but as a frugal shopper, it’s the best way to save cash on your wardrobe, hands down.

(In my haste, I forgot to ask how to spell his name or what he does for a living. So Terin, if you’re reading this, please enlighten! And thanks for being so sweet :])


Shirt: Original Penguin
Wingtip Shoes: Cole Haan
Jeans: J. Crew
Frames: Warby Parker Preston’s
Messenger bag: J. Crew
Watch: Merona

Check out my personal finance post about saving on your wardrobe by thrift shopping til you drop.


Moses Gulch Campground

This city girl finally had her first legitimate camping trip during the 4th of July weekend, and what better place than Moses Gulch Campground in Mountain Home State Forest! It’s within the larger Sequoia National Park, and wow my gosh, how beautiful! It’s quite a drive from Los Angeles (about 5 or 6 hours without traffic), but it’s well worth it. I didn’t take photos until our third and last day, but I’m glad I saved the best site for last: Hidden Falls.

Huge thanks to Amber and Eric for being so welcoming and open to have us tag along, and for making my first camping trip so easy. And endless thanks to Conrad for being the sweet, sweet cherry on top and for making it such an unforgettable weekend. But no thanks to the bugs for giving me bites all over…

Seattle, the Emerald City

Before my good friend Michael Jordan (no, not the basketball player) left Seattle for good after getting his Master’s from Seattle Univ., some friends and I made sure to visit the week before he said goodbye to the Emerald City. We rented a super cheap apartment for a couple days through AirBnB (not the best stay, but we got what we paid for, as Aaron loved reminding us every now and then during the trip) in a cute neighborhood across the street from Garfield High School.

All in all, Seattle is a beautiful city – it’s immediately obvious why it’s called the Emerald City: so many trees! I so wanted to hike somewhere nice, but we didn’t plan for the very hungover morning we had when were supposed to go – whoopsies! At least we got to see some breathtaking views of the skyline… Plus, we got lucky and had sunshine almost the entire time, except the night we arrived and the morning we left – we totally brought the SoCal sun with us!

Other spots we loved: good ol’ Oprah-endorsed fried chicken from Ezell’s Famous Chicken, strawberry sour cream and salted caramel ice cream from Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, and brunch and mimosas at the Hi Spot Cafe.

I’m definitely going back to Seattle again when I have the chance. While a small city, it has much to offer the wide-eyed American tourist – great food, beautiful travel on-foot, a picturesque skyline, and lots and lots of parks.

My 25th at Grand Canyon

Many friends of mine have celebrated their 25th birthday with huge parties, but I knew I wanted something different from the day I turned 24: the Grand Canyon.

How it was barely my first time at the Grand Canyon, don’t ask. For a girl who has a huge travel bug like me, it was baffling that I put it off for so long. But what counts is that I finally made it out, thanks to the very sweet Conradical, who proclaimed that he would take me anywhere I wanted to go for my birthday. I would’ve said Paris, but I’ll ask for that way down the line…

We stayed in Flagstaff, which has a cute and quaint downtown, very walkable and lively. The morning after the Canyon, we luckily stumbled upon the best restaurant in town called MartAnne’s which claims to have the best Mexican breakfast – my chilaquiles and Conrad’s omelette made us believers!

At the Canyon, we started at Yavapai Point and walked through the Geology Museum to get a refresher on the history of the Canyon. We then walked a couple miles to the village where we enjoyed lunch outdoors at a cute hotel. To walk off the nachos and buffalo wings (so healthy), we hiked a couple miles down the Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. Easy going down, of course, but whoah, my gosh, walking back up – it did a job on my lungs. But it felt so good to get to the top again – it made me feel so well achieved, even if it was only a couple miles down. One day, I’ll make the hike all the way down! Or, ride a donkey. Whichever comes first.

We then drove to Yaki Point, where an old watchtower provided 360-degree views of the Canyon and where I found my favorite view of the Colorado River–

My favorite view of the canyon from an old watchtower.We then drove back to the Visitor Center to enjoy the beautiful sunset. We were unsuccessful at taking great pictures of ourselves, but luckily a sweet stranger sympathized and offered to take a photo for us–

Great shot from a sweet stranger who didn't mind taking the photo.We finished the trip with Grand Canyon’s annual Star Party, which only happens one week in the year – the weekend of my birthday fell perfectly in coincidence! It was a truly magical way to experience the sky, with no light pollution whatsoever. The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association provided tons of different types of telescopes to look mostly at Saturn and a few galaxies. They were informative, engaging, and so passionate, as I’ve found all astronomers to be anyway. The Star Party as a whole was just unbelievably amazing – something I want to experience again soon.

This was definitely the best 25th I’ll ever see! Thanks to Conradical for making it happen!



How to dress for a work lunch

It’s almost been a month since my last post, and it’s only fitting that I come back to the blogosphere with a beautiful photo of one of my good friends, Jen. She recently got promoted at the Hammer Museum (again, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS- well deserved!), said goodbye to her boring over-sized security blazers and button downs, and splurged on a brand new wardrobe.

Here, Jen shows us all how to really dress for a work lunch: a flattering black dress cinched at the waist with some vibrant pops of red. I’m glad I got to admire the classic outfit while enjoying drinks with this amazing woman. Plus, blogging about it made her feel like it wasn’t completely wasted since the work lunch didn’t happen after all – instead, it’s now permanently recorded on the Internet.


Dress: J.Crew
Necklace and belt: Express
Shoes: Aldo

Exposition Park

Have a day to kill? Leave your car at home and take the Expo Line straight to Exposition Park. Just enjoy all it has to offer…

The California Science Center admits by donation, so it’s a great bargain. It’s an interesting visitor experience with their new layout. Visit your favorite habitat or climate, like their kelp forest- their best exhibit in my opinion.
Rose Garden
Enjoy lunch in a gazebo in the serene Rose Garden.
How can you visit the Science Center without seeing the Endeavour? And for a 360 experience, I recommend seeing Hubble 3D- best 3D movie ever made...
How can you visit the Science Center without seeing the Endeavour? It’s free but get your timed ticket ahead of time. And for a 360-degree experience, I recommend seeing Hubble 3D- best 3D movie ever made…